Who Are We

We are a Singapore deep-tech company in

Healthcare operation optimization and Healthy ageing promotion

Inventory Management
& ProphesyAI

inventory product
24 /7
real-time monitoring
0 GB+
data size of “live”
sensors upload data
hours of “live” sensors
run-time utilization
0 M+
of “live” sensors
messages event


Instant Gait and Strength measurement
to ensure correct type and intensity

BioPacer Automated Gait
& Strength Analyzer

for use by Clinicians and Hospital

Bed-exit Fall Prevention System



Bed Sensor Intro Video

Frailty Research

Introduction to frailty research
Voice of Customers
How we do the community engagement

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About Us

We are a Singapore deep-tech start-up, focused in medical device and IoT Technologies. We pioneered an embedded biomechanics algorithm for walking gait and strength measurement used in hospital and nursing home. Achieving higher than 90% detection accuracy for weak gait.

National Awards

iHIS Challenge 2018 Top 20 Awards

(collaboration with National University
Hospital Smart Patient Fall Prevention System)

Challenge Winner

Open Innovation Challenge 2021 Winner

We are one of the winners of healthcare challenge with Inventory Management (NUHS)

Clinical Partners


Igniting Innovation – Bernard Loke of Biologic Technik

3rd March 2020, Asian Scientist

Invited Speakers

MBT Shoe Global Sales Event 2019

Innovation Speaker
Progression of IoT & Application to MRO

CaREhab 2018

Innovation Speaker
Institutional Sandbox Speakers: Healthcare Innovation

MRO Asia-Pacific 2018

Innovation Speaker
Progression of IoT & Application to MRO

Innovfest Unbound 2018

Innovation Speaker
Technology Application to Patient Care in Hospital